Geany instead of KScope

Since they killed KScope i had to search for another editor which suited my needs. KScope was a great KDE based source-editor with very good code C/C++ code cross-referencing and it was able to handle large projects like the linux kernel with about 20.000 files. Unfortunately KScope was “lost” during the KDE4 transition, it seems mostly due to the KDE / Kate developers not caring enough to keep it supported. It’s a shame actually, and one of the examples where open-source didn’t work well…

Most other IDE’s just can’t handle projects of this size well and slow down too much or crash when building the symbol cross-references. It seems most kernel developers still use vi or Emacs, but i want something more visual. Kate just keeps getting worse, and misses some small features which i need to work efficiently, like a good integrated ‘Find in files’ function and symbol cross-references.

After trying a lot of different editors and IDEs i finally found Geany – which it can do almost everything i want from an editor, while still being lean, fast and efficient. It’s GTK2 based and not KDE, but who cares? Allthough it does not cross-reference all symbols for the whole kernel, it does so for all opened files, and has a good integrated ‘Find in files’ function, so this is usually enough for working on drivers. It’s a good compromise between a full-featured, “heavy” IDE and a fast text-editor.

Anyhow i still want my KScope back…

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