horst version 3.0

horst version 3.0 is now officially released. It contains various improvements over the last release (2.0-rc1):

  • Spectrum Analyzer window for an overview of all channels
  • More realistic Usage (“AirTime”) calculation
  • Improved client/server support
  • Show retries
  • Fixes for big endian platforms
  • Deal with drivers which don’t report noise (mac80211)

The most important addition is the Spectrum Analyzer window which I have written about before. In this mode horst changes channels and shows an overview of the signal level, number of stations and usage for each channel – something like a rough spectrum analyzer.

Usage (what has also been called AirTime or busy time) calculation is now much more realistic, as it takes account of inter-frame spaces and the contention window now. Before the maximum usage was around 60% on a 100% busy channel, now it shows correctly as around 100%.

Networking (client/server) support is now usable. You can start horst in server mode on the device (e.g. horst -C -q) and connect from another device to see the horst interface via the network. Only one client is allowed at a time at the moment.

I also tried to clean up the user-interface a bit by removing some useless information and added retries instead. A high number of retries are a good indication of problems in a WLAN as they can eat up the available bandwith pretty fast.

More information on my horst page and download here.

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