Galapagos Islands

I’m on the road again, travelling South-America for the next few month! I arrived in Quito, Ecuador about three weeks ago. Unfortunately I got infected with some kind of hybrid japanese-european-trans-pacific-flight-ninja-virus (others might call it a simple cold). The surprinsingly low temperatures in Quito at 2800m altitude plus the fact that I had to go out, get drunk and try to dance salsa the night I arrived after the 25 hour flight didn’t make that any better, so I was sick for the first week. Quito is quite nice though and I managed to get a few pictures from the colonial buildings in the old town:

I spent the last two weeks on the Galapagos Islands with my friends Matias and Mara. Unfortunately the sneaky virus installed itself in Mara’s immune system just after it was finished with me, so we were forced to take it slowly for most of the time (which is basically what we had planned anyways). The nature on the islands is amazing. From the moment you arrive you encounter the most exotic animals in paradise-like nature surroundings. Pelicans are everywhere, almost like pigeons in most cities, shooting from the sky into the water to catch fish, or standing motionless in the wind in some kind of meditation. I was particularly enchanted by seeing flamingos, which are the most exotic sight for me (Matias thinks flamingos are gay, just because they are pink, but whatever). Then there are iguanas (big lizards which can swim in the sea), the playful sea-lions, about 1m big land tortoises, sea turtles of the same size, white-tip-sharks hiding in the caves below the water, sea-horses hanging on to mangrove branches in muddy mangrove waters and penguins moving fast thru the water or standing on the lava rocks to heat up. It almost feels like in a zoo, only all the animals are free, wild and not very afraid of humans (naive?). One of the most amazing sites we visited were the “Tunneles” on Isabela Island: an area where the lava formed canals with sea-water, bridges and caves with cactus on top and giant turtles, sting-rays and fish swimming thru the water below. It’s one of these magical places which are so beautiful that they seem unreal and you feel like in a dream while you are there. I hope you can catch some of that feeling thru my photos.

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